Your Privacy Center

What is an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center? How do you use it to run your privacy operations?

What is the Privacy Center?

Your Ethyca-powered Privacy Center is the key component of your business’s customer-facing privacy management operation. It’s a custom-branded webpage that serves as a portal for your users to manage their privacy in a streamlined fashion. In the Privacy Center, users can request to download or delete their data, manage their consent preferences, and file “do not sell” requests—all from a single location.


If you’re not an enterprise customer, when you set up an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center, it will live on a subdomain of your primary web property. This is because we’re a cloud product - we host your instance of Ethyca on our own servers. A typical URL for an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center is: https://privacy.<yourcompanyURL>

Browser Compatibility

Today, your custom privacy center supports the following browsers' current versions minus 1:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

How Do I Customize the Look-and-Feel of my Privacy Center?

We offer a few customization options for your Privacy Center so that it can feel appropriate to your brand. These options are set during configuration of Ethyca. They are:

  • Brand Color: This can be set with a hex value to match your brand style guide
  • Company Logo: This should be supplied as a PNG with a transparent background and should be optimized for appearance over the background color you supply.
  • Personalized subdomain on the domain: You may select a personalized subdomain for your company to redirect a branded URL. For instance, you would select in the Ethyca self-guided onboarding flow, and then on your domain manager, enter CNAME records for redirecting from
  • Location of Privacy Call to Action buttons: the "Download Your Data", the "Delete Your Data", and the "Manage Consent Settings" buttons can be configured to appear either above or below your Privacy Policy.
  • Type of Privacy Actions to display: if your organization is not ready to launch some capabilities, you can toggle on and off which privacy actions to publish to your privacy center. This allows you to have more control and more flexibility with what you are able to support according to your timelines.