What are Data Integrations in Ethyca?

What are Data Integrations in Ethyca?

Data Integrations are one of two connector types Ethyca uses to plug into your organization's data ecosystem and manage user privacy (the other type of connector is called Atlas).

Each Data Integration acts like a privacy "Rosetta Stone" for a certain application your company uses. Connecting via Data Integrations allows Ethyca to see, sort, surface, and modify the personal data contained inside the application. Ethyca offers integrations for a large and ever-growing number of third-party applications.

Using Data Integrations to connect the applications to Ethyca allows for the unification and streamlined management of every data record in your business. In particular, it lets you connect disparate data records to a given individual identity, even if those records are spread messily across different applications in inconsistent formats.

When a customer makes a request to access their data, Ethyca can dip into all the different applications in your ecosystem, uncover a name and email address in one Data Store, a date of birth and a purchase history in another, and unify them into a coherent, comprehensive record of user data to be automatically returned to the requester. Ethyca's Data Integrations are the connectors that make this unification possible.

How Do I Add Data Integrations in Ethyca?

You can add Integrations from the Ethyca Control Panel. After you add in Integration from our Integration Library, the Ethyca Control Panel will prompt you to enter the authentication information that is required to access that third party application.

What Info Do I Need to Configure My Data Integration?

For your organization to be fully configured and privacy-compliant, you'll need to integrate every one of your business's applications with Ethyca. For more detailed information on how to set up Data Integrations, check out this article. Each Integration might require different information for authenticating to that application. We have provided detailed instructions for each Integration we support. To find an instruction, just type the name of the application in the search bar or find the article in the Integrations section of Ethyca Support.

In addition to authentication credentials, to be fully compliant you'll need to define additional fields in Advanced Settings for your Data Map during setup. You can find more information about these fields in our Guide to Required Fields for Advanced Settings.

What if I don't find the Data Integration that I'm looking for in Ethyca?

Ethyca presently offers Data Integrations for hundreds of commonly-used SaaS applications. If you don't see one you're looking for, email us at [email protected].

You may also create a custom, self-service Integration. Find out more about this type of integration here.