Summer 2021 Product Newsletter

As data privacy regulations are rapidly being passed in the US that mimic the EU, we've released some new and exciting features in July and August that we can't wait to share with you!

Cookie Consent Banner

Ethyca now offers a Cookie Consent Banner to allow your website's visitors to opt-into cookie usage on your websites and comply with GDPR regulation. If you are looking to set up the Cookie Consent Banner for your website, we have a knowledge base article with the setup and configuration instructions. You may also schedule some time with your customer success manager to get a demo!


Webhooks for Atlas

Atlas, our extensible deployed agent that manages access and deletion requests to your databases, now offers configurable webhooks for handling custom logic for your data ecosystem. We know your infrastructure may not need all the functionality that Atlas has to offer. Atlas Webhooks allows your team the flexibility to extend the processes that Atlas is already managing and initiating, or forego using Atlas database querying functionality altogether. By utilizing Atlas Webhooks, you can perform HTTP requests to invoke custom business logic before and/or after every DSR processed by your Ethyca Atlas deployment. Even though this infrastructure is unable to talk to Atlas directly, it is still important to utilize in processing access and erasure requests for many organizations. For more information on how to configure your Atlas' web hooks, please see the setup and configuration article, or pull down the latest image (v 1.5.24+) to try them out today!

New SaaS Integrations Released

The following SaaS applications are now supported for Ethyca Integrations:

As a side note, we upgraded the look-and-feel of our Knowledge Base, Please update your saved links and let us know if you see anything out of place!

As always, please book some time with your Customer Success Manager to get a demo or training of any feature you're interested in implementing for your organization.