Implementation Summary

Ethyca uses the following endpoints in Slack to retrieve and delete Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when a user submits a data subject request. See below for a summary of what Ethyca does with each endpoint:

EndpointUser Can DownloadUser Can Delete
Public ChannelYesYes
Shared ChannelYesYes
Private Channel (that the admin is in)YesYes
Private Channel (that the admin is not in)NoNo
Private ConversationNoNo

One thing to note is that Ethyca's Slack integration will only be able to download and erase data that is within the scope of the administrator who created the token. That means, if the admin does not have access to a private channel or conversation, the data will not be accessible.

Because Slack is a communication management platform, it stores PII about your customers. Keep this in mind when you are setting the DSR Customization as it will impact what is returned in your subject’s DSR package.

If this aligns with your use of Slack, please proceed to the next section to begin setting up your integration in the Control Panel.

For any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Connection Settings

Please note: To create this token and set up the Slack integration, you must be the a Workspace Owner. If you are not a workspace owner, please contact them to complete the following steps.

To connect for your instance of Slack to Ethyca, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to, and press "Sign In" to log in with your administrator credentials.
  1. Press the "Create an App" button.
  1. Give your app a descriptive name such as "Ethyca Privacy Management" and select the applicable workspace, if you have multiple.
  1. Under the Basic Information menu, select "Permissions".
  1. Under the User Token Scopes heading, click "Add an OAuth Scope" and select the following permissions in the dropdown:
  • channels:history
  • channels:read
  • chat:write
  • groups:history
  • identify
  • im:history
  • im:read
  • mpim:history
  • mpim:read
  • usergroups:read
  • users.profile:read
  • users:read
  • groups:read
  • search:read
  1. Scroll to the top of the page, and click "Install App to Workspace".
  1. Click "Allow" to allow the Ethyca app to manage your Slack data.
  1. Your App Admin Token can be found in the body of the page, copy and paste into the Ethyca setup page.

When you have finished adding your Connection Settings, move on to the next two tabs to configure your DSR Customization settings and complete your Data Mapping.