September 2021 Product Newsletter

Manual DSR Processing (Introducing the Hybrid Subject Request)

Ethyca's Platform already fulfills subject requests to applications and databases directly connected to the Ethyca Control Panel to allow for programmatic methods of accessing/deleting subject data. However, not all third party apps have programmable methods of accepting privacy requests. The new "manual" workflow allows you to perform the necessary DSR fulfillment steps in those applications manually while still managing the overall request from the Ethyca Control Panel.

For more information, check out the following articles:

Consent API

Ethyca unifies and manages consent for all defined purposes of processing across your business for which consent may need to be obtained. We have enhanced our Consent API so that you can now set consent values for subjects. For more information on this use case and how to use this API, check out our "Consent via the API" article.

Update to Sentry and Amplitude Integrations

We have made updates to our Sentry and Amplitude integrations to optionally use Identity Propagation. Wait, what is Identity Propagation again?! Ethyca uses identity mapping to allow Atlas to fetch a variety of identity fields from your database, so you can configure our fleet of integrations to use different types of identities to run lookups through Atlas. Previously, the Sentry and Amplitude integrations did not support identity propagation. Now, you are able to retrieve identities from Atlas to look up users in Sentry and Amplitude so that Ethyca can more completely fulfill subject requests.

New SaaS Integrations Released