Preparing for Your Privacy Center Launch

Ready to launch your Privacy Center? Review the steps below to prepare for going live.

As a reminder, your Privacy Center is the customer facing portal where users can action on their different data subject requests. It will look something like:

If you are ready to go live with your Privacy Center, we recommend reviewing the steps below to ensure a seamless go-live experience!

Complete end-to-end testing

First, we recommend reviewing the below documentation, focusing on how to validate the data returned to a user as well as what is erased across each of your systems. Check out the articles below for more detail on testing:

How to Test a Download Your Data Request

How to Validate a DSR Package

How to Test a Delete Your Data Request

How to Test Consent for CCPA's Data Sales

Configure your DSR Customization settings in the Control Panel

Editing your DSR Customization settings across each 3rd party Integration allows you to select what data is returned in your subject request package with customizable labels. Run a few tests to verify that you are happy with the results!

Add a link on your website for CCPA's "Do Not Sell My Personal Information"

In line with CCPA regulation, once you are ready to launch your Privacy Center, you will need to add a link to your website with the exact words "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" pointing to the Privacy Center URL located at or, so that a user can manage their rights related to sale of data.

Most commonly, this link is placed in the the footer of your brand site (e.g. near your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy), and if you have a mobile application, in the download or landing page.

Update your Privacy Policy

In accordance with each data right laws, you may want to update your Privacy Policy to ensure it includes the appropriate statement of rights for each regulation (e.g. LGPD, GDPR, CCPA etc.). Pro tip: Have your legal counsel review this to add whatever supplementary language is necessary!

Specifically, CCPA will require two or more methods of communication to your users for submitting any requests related to their data protection rights. By default, we recommend including the following:

Your Ethyca Privacy Center
A privacy focused email alias

Finally, after your Privacy Policy is updated, it is recommended to make every best effort to notify users of the change and adhere to the principles of "Privacy by Design", which shows a businesses commitment to be transparency about its data practices. Some options for communication include placing a banner or pop-up on your site's homepage to let your users know of the update, or sending an email notification to all users with the updated Privacy Policy and details of the change.

Plan for Ongoing Support Operations

We recommend having a plan in place for your support or legal operation teams to manage your incoming data subject requests and overall process periodically.

As your business grows, your process should evolve to support your business as well as the increased need for fulfilling these types of privacy related requests.


Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or [email protected] as you prepare to launch your Privacy Center - we are available every step of the way!