October-November 2022 Product Newsletter


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Product Enhancements

Security Updates

Ethyca performed a series of updates on nodes and application images used by Ethyca Pro, Atlas, the Control Panel, OAuth, and DSR-S. These updates protect against discovered vulnerabilities, and ensure the platform maintains the latest, secure versions of all necessary dependencies. Additional security updates were made in the following areas:

  • Input validation
  • HTTP requests
  • Email communications
  • DynamoDB connections

Product Updates

  • In preparation for CPRA and VCPDA, Ethyca now allows Data Sharing and Sensitive Personal Information Processing as Data Use Cases. For more information on how to implement these new consent flags, see our guide on Consent Management for State Privacy Requirements. To find out how your business can prepare for upcoming privacy legislation, see Ethyca's State Privacy Hub.

Updated Integrations

  • ShipStation - Users should no longer receive errors based on page limiting when processing DSRs.
  • Hubspot - Documentation has been updated to no longer use an API Key.
  • Shopify - The Ethyca Privacy Shopify app has been updated and is available for use.