March 2022 Product Newsletter


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Product Updates

Enhanced “Records Found” Display

When viewing subject access requests handled by your automatic integrations, the “Records Found” column will now display if any records or results were found for that subject in the connected application. A new table outlines Atlas activity, and will display both Atlas' status as it processes the subject request, and whether subject information was found in your connected databases for identity propagation.

What’s identity propagation? Ethyca uses identity mapping to allow Atlas to fetch a variety of identity fields from your database, enabling your integrations to use different types of identities when running lookups through Atlas. Previously, records returned without necessary identity propagation would have resulted in a value of “unknown.” This new display provides more accurate insights regarding the status of your returned record results.


New SAAS Integrations

Updated Integrations

  • Aircall - identity propagation is no longer a required field, enabling the use of additional endpoints with or without an active Atlas connection.