March 2021 Product Newsletter

Looking for a quick way to stay on top of ongoing modifications to privacy regulation? Check out our support guide for a concise rundown from Ethyca on the latest in state, US, and global privacy regulations. We also reported on the newest modifications to the CCPA that California's Attorney General announced on March 15, 2021.

For a look back on all of our latest features updates and enhancements from the past month, read on below.

Privacy Center Enhancements:

Check out your Privacy Center lately? The Privacy Center got a spring makeover with newly designed modals, updated copy and enhanced button labels! We'll be making some further design updates to the Privacy Center over the coming months, so check back here for the latest soon!


What's New in the Control Panel?

Updated Journey for Editing Integrations

Updating integrations in Ethyca just got a lot simpler! When managing an Integration in Ethyca, you'll be prompted to 1) update Connection Details, 2) configure your DSR Customization, and 3) complete Data Mapping.

As part of this update, PII Mapping has been rebranded as DSR Customization and is configurable within your Integration settings. For more information on DSR customizations, check out our support article here.

Atlas Connections are now Available in your Data Map

You can now add both internal and external systems into Ethyca's Control Panel. We created Atlas Connections, so you can have a read only version of your Atlas databases, and add all the contextual detail you need to build out your compliant Data Map with all your systems holding personal data.


Identity Propagation now Available in Connection Settings

.... Wait, what is Identity Propagation again?! Ethyca uses identity mapping to allow Atlas to fetch a variety of identity fields from your database, so you can configure our fleet of integrations to use different types of identities to run look ups through Atlas.

This per-integration configuration was previously done behind-the-scenes by an Ethyca admin. In our latest release, we made this functionality available in the Control Panel, so you can now add relevant details from your Database to power identity mapping.

Check out your Integration Connection details to view these changes live! Example below:


Atlas IDs Masking Feature

Don't want your ids to be trickling outside of the walls of your internal systems? We have removed all IDs returned from your databases from the subject's download package. This means all Atlas IDs (i.e. user ids, order IDs, profile IDs, shipping address IDs, etc) will now show up as a UUID (e.g. dff5e7f2-179c-4572-a1fc-6957a4796247) in the download package.

Batch Email Sending for Mail Drop Partners

We've received valuable feedback about the frequency at which we were sending emails to your partners. Starting Wednesday April 14, rather than sending an email to your partner after each subject deletion request is approved, we will be updating the frequency of these requests to a weekly batch of the prior week's worth of data subject deletion requests. This means each Right to Forget request will move to the complete once the batch email sends on Wednesday. Prior to completing, you will see this request in the Processing queue as "Awaiting Maildrop."

New Integrations:

We have been hard at work on adding more integrations into our library. In the past month, we released ShipStation, SimonData, Copper, Comodule, Basecamp, Eventbrite, Digioh, Gorgias, Asana, and Salesforce.

New Documentation:

Your Ethyca Data Map Guide: Detail on how to build your compliant Data Map in Ethyca

Customizing Your Business Rules Through DSR Customization our Business Rules with DSR Customization]: Define what can be returned and deleted across your 3rd party

Managing Atlas Connections for your Data Map: How to guide for adding information on your internal systems into your Data Map

Sending Diagnostic Logs to Ethyca: Detail on how to send logs to Ethyca for troubleshooting

Checklist for Upgrading Atlas Versions : A checklist for upgrading Atlas versions

Asking for a DSR Extension: Best practices to follow when asking for a DSR extension

💡 Did You Know? 💡

You can link the Do Not Sell My Personal Information item in the footer of your brand directly to our Consent Management form rather than your Privacy Center homepage.

Just add /do-not-sell to the end of your Privacy Center URL to prompt your customers to manage their consent on reaching your Privacy Center.


Thank you for reading! Do you have a feature request that would drive impact for you business? Drop us a line here, we'd love to hear more!