Maildrop Integrations FAQ Guide

Ethyca partners with different 3rd party SaaS integrations to help automate the data subject request process across your data systems. When an API connection is not available with a 3rd party, we have the ability to send automated emails to your partners to fulfill subject erasure requests (Right to Forget). We call this a Maildrop Integration. Read on below to learn more with our FAQ guide.

Does Ethyca send an email to Maildrop partners to fulfill both access and erasure request?

  • Maildrop will only send an email to a 3rd party partner to fulfill an erasure request

When does Ethyca send emails to Maildrop partners?

  • Maildrop integrations are sent in weekly batch files on Wednesday morning

When does the subject get the final email from Ethyca that their data has been erased?

  • When you approve a request in the Control Panel, the request will sit in Status: Awaiting Maildrop until Wednesday morning when the batch email goes out to your partners. This means your subjects will not get the final email confirming their data has been erased until after that batch email goes out.

What does the erasure request email from Ethyca to our 3rd party partners say?


Email template below:
From: <Your Organization's Privacy Contact>
Reply-to: <Your Organization's Reply-To Contact>
To: <Integration provider's privacy contact>

Hi there,  
This is an automated email from Ethyca an automated data privacy  
compliance system working on behalf of <ORGANIZATION NAME>. We have  
received requests from customers of <ORGANIZATION NAME> wanting to  
exercise their data privacy right to be deleted.  
Please delete all PII data for all data subject(s) with email  
address(es) listed below. We appreciate your help and for any  
questions pertaining to this request, please reply to this  
email directly.  
The Ethyca Team  

How do I know if one of my integrations is a Maildrop integration?

No credentials will be required for connecting a Maildrop integration! Instead, the Connection Settings section in the Control panel will have the following text:

Emails will be sent to our privacy contact at [3rd party name] in a  
weekly batch on Wednesday morning. The data subject request status   
will be updated at that time.


Please contact [email protected] or your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you require any technical assistance.