January 2021 Product Newsletter

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This month marks Ethyca's first product monthly newsletter! Read on for a roundup of all of our latest feature updates and enhancements.

Atlas Enhancements

January marked the release of our newest Atlas version.

Interested in upgrading? Version 1.5 is available in our docker hub here and includes updates to the Atlas UI that allow you to enhance your subject request package with customizable labels.

Control Panel Updates

We have released several enhancements to the Control Panel for increased usability in the platform. This includes the following items below:

Error monitoring support

Our new “Error” tab allows you to re-process any DSR jobs that have failed in processing. It also includes a timestamp and error message, so you can easily identify the cause.

Duplicate request field warning

In accordance with CCPA, a business is not obligated to provide a subject access to a consumer more than twice in a 12-month period. We now provide a warning icon alongside any users who put in duplicate request with the same email address, so your team can have increased visibility into each request.

DSR communication management

Ethyca typically automates the sending of an email to a subject when a request has completed processing. Now after you approve a request, you'll have the option to stop the email from sending, so you can handle communication with the subject outside of Ethyca. To initiate this process simply click: "Approve and Skip Email".

New fields of entry for your Data Map

A Data Map is the term Ethyca uses to refer to GDPR's Article 30 Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) and CCPA's Inventory Assessment. A data map allows you to understand where all the personal identifiable data exists across your business, why you have it, what type of information it is, how you use it and what kind of permission you have to use it.

In order to further increase the robustness of your Article 30 RoPa, we have added some new fields into the Control Panel. These include:

Retention Period, located in the Manage Integrations section. Here is where you can set your organizations preference for how long data is stored in this system. It is important to note that this is for documentation purposes only, Ethyca does not carry out activities related to managing your retention period.

Recipients in other countries, located in the Manage Integrations section. This field allows you to list the various countries where your company's recipients will access this data in.

Company Security Policy, located at the bottom of your Admin Setting - Organization. Documenting your company's organizational security measures will ensure your Data Map export will contain all the necessary security records.

All data inputed above will be exportable in a ready-to-use compliance template - just click "Download Report" in your Data Flow Map.

New Integrations

We have been hard at work on adding more integrations into our library. Last month, we released OneSignal, Unbounce, AppsFlyer, and Survey Monkey.

If you are working with these vendors today, check out our Ethyca support knowledge base for details on how to integrate.

New Documentation

Atlas Relationship Mapping: Learn how Ethyca pseudonymizes data and applies masking strategies to your databases and integrations.

The Right to Be Forgotten: How Ethyca Deletes Your Data Discover how Atlas determines where to find PII data throughout your database schema.

Reviewing the Data Subject Request (DSR) Package Learn more about how to read and manage your customer's DSR package.

How To: Manage your Data Subject Requests Review all the steps involved in processing your DSRs in Ethyca.

Preparing for Your Privacy Center Launch A check list to prepare for your Privacy Center launch.

How To: Manage Users in Your Control Panel An overview guide for managing your team members in Ethyca.

.... and more!

Thank you for reading! Do you have a feature request that would drive impact for you business? Drop us a line here, we'd love to hear more!