How To: Host and Validate your Custom Privacy Center

A walkthrough of how to validate your Privacy Center subdomain and configure outbound emails

The Privacy Center is the customer-facing URL that centralizes all of your users privacy rights management. Most customers prefer to set up their Privacy Center in-line with their branding, and we get it! That's why we make customizations within Ethyca easy!

This article will help walk you through how to host your Privacy Center at: and send emails from a customized subdomain.

Step 1: Get your DNS records from your Customer Success Manager

Your Ethyca Customer Success Manager will provide you the following information for adding your records in your DNS:

  • Your Ethyca privacy center URL (
  • 2 TXT records as a .csv for mail send validation
  • 1 CNAME record as a .csv for domain certificate validation

Step 2: Set up DNS records in your Domain Manager

Log into your Domain Manager website and manage your DNS routing for whichever service provider you use:

Record 1:

To map to Ethyca's hosted page insert the following record:

  • type: CNAME
  • record: privacy (or your custom subdomain is)
  • value:

Record 2:

In order for AWS to validate that you approve the use of Ethyca's certificate issuance, you will need the following record:

  • type: CNAME
  • record: _<randomkey>
  • value: _<randomkey>

Step 3: Set up your custom outbound email domain

Ethyca automatically sends a emails to the data subject as they go through the DSR lifecycle. To send an email from <username> add 2 TXT Records:

Record 1:

  • type: TXT
  • record:
  • value: <randomkey>

Record 2:

  • type: TXT
  • record: <providedhost>
  • value: <randomkey>

Once complete, here is a screenshot of what your setup should look like in your DNS:



Please contact [email protected] if you require any technical assistance for your DNS installation.