Setting up Manual Data Integrations

A guide for adding manual connections into your Ethyca Control Panel

Ethyca offers both automated and manual integrations to meet your privacy needs. This article will guide you on how to configure a Manual Integration to ensure a complete Data Map and enable for Subject Request Processing. For more information on how Manual Integrations impact your Data Map and enables Subject Request processing, check out our article on Automated and Manual Subject Request Processing.

How to Configure a Manual Integration

Step 1) Login to the Control Panel and visit Integrations.

Step 2) Select the blue ➕ icon to set up a connection.


Step 3) Click the link to "Create a custom integration."


Step 4) In your General Connection Details, you'll want to give the integration a nickname in the "Name" field. "Name" can be any user-friendly name that helps represent this specific integration for your organization. "Integration Type" is usually the branded name of the application you will be accessing to gather subject data (i.e. "Dropbox" or "Indeed").


Step 5) Move on to the DSR Customization Tab to define the personally identifiable information (PII) categories that are being collected about your subjects with this integration. Using the dropdown menu, select the categories of personally identifiable information (PII Category). You can specify a DSR Package Label - a user-friendly label that the subject sees in the Download Package that that will help them understand the category of PII that is being stored about them. When you are finished and ready to add another PII Category, press the blue ➕ to add the PII category to the integration.

You may add as many PII categories as you need to fully describe the stored data within the application you are connecting to.


Step 6) Move on to the Data Mapping tab. The Data Mapping tab is where you configure other information that is required by privacy regulation to describe more details around this integration. For more information on the individual fields here, please review our Guide to Required Fields for Advanced Settings and our Data Use Case Guide.


Step 7) Click Save!

If you have any questions about Ethyca Integrations, please reach out to us at [email protected].