Guide to a Connection's Data Mapping Advanced Settings

For each of your connections, you will have to fill in fields related to Data Mapping as required for GDPR Article 30 Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) compliance. Below is a description of each required field.

Purpose of ProcessingDescription for why you use this software integration. Example: SMS Marketing or Customer Service
Retention PeriodHow long data is stored in this system? Note that this is for documentation purposes only. Ethyca does not automate activities related to managing your retention period Example: 15 days
Subject TypesSelect whose information flows through this system: Employee or Customer. Example: Employee data will flow through an HR system, whereas only customer data will flow through a CDP system.
Recipient TypesSelect who has access to the data in this Integration: Internal or External Example: If all the data is only accessible by your company's employees, select "internal". If any part of the data in this integration is shared with a 3rd party for any reason - e.g., payment PII being shared with credit agencies - select "external".
Recipients in other countriesWhere do the different recipient types reside? Select all countries where other parties will access this data. Example: United States, Canada, Ireland