Glossary of Errors

Error List

The following is a list of common errors encountered in processing Subject Access Requests, as well as their causes and solutions. For more information, or for assistance with issues not covered in this document, contact your Customer Success Manager.

429 - Too Many RequestsYour integration might have a rate limit which has been exceeded. Try the request again, or try to batch fewer requests at one time.
Identity Map is EmptyAn expected Identity Map result was empty. This error is only informative, and your request should have completed.
401 & 403Authentication errors often represent a problem with your credentials. Verify the connection settings for your integration.
500An Internal Server Error may mean the service you are attempting to connect to is down. Check the status of the third-party application for more information.

Troubleshooting Tips

A request in "Manage Subject Request" has an error status, but no error message

It is possible to retrieve additional information on a request which has an "error" status in your Manage Subject Request dashboard, but no associated error message.

From your Manage Subject Request dashboard, navigate to the Errors tab, and select the icon on the right to copy the DSR ID.


Paste the DSR ID on the end of the following URL, and navigate to the result in your browser:

You should see additional information for the request in the resulting dashboard.