Get Global Consent via the API

Who This Document Is For

This document is suitable for teams configuring consent for:

  • web applications
  • mobile applications including advertising SDKs
  • bath and ETL pipelines


Ethyca unifies and manages consent for all defined purposes of processing across your business for which consent may need to be gathered.

This means that an end user of your systems can manage their consent preferences and you can ensure that this consent is respected by both internal and 3rd party systems that process your users data.

This article outlines how you can gather a users consent and set this in Ethyca Consent via the API so that you can ensure correct consent preferences are set and enforced across all of your organizations systems and data processes.

How Ethyca Consent Works

Once Ethyca's Privacy Center is fully configured, your users and customers can manage their consent preferences directly from your Privacy Center or, as shown in this article, via your web and mobile application UI which can then submit consent to Ethyca via the API.


As shown in the diagram above, you can set consent at any time to reflect the preferences of users consent status and ensure that their data is being managed appropriately.

When a user changes their consent for a processing activity, a record of this can be made by having the user manage this from the Privacy Center or by submitting a consent change via an API.

Getting Consent For Your Users

Ethyca provides an endpoint to get the current consent status for your users:

`GET [BASE URL]/consent/stats/usage`

This will fetch the entire list of data subjects in your organization that have consented or objected to any Data Use Cases and their consent value.

     "subjectIdentity":"[email protected]",  
     "processingActivityName":"Data Sales",  
     "created": "2020-08-03T23:19:25",  
     "lastUpdated": "2020-08-03T23:19:25"  
     "subjectIdentity":"[email protected]",  
     "processingActivityName":"Data Sales",  
     "created": "2020-08-04T13:25:36",  
     "lastUpdated": "2020-08-010T21:12:42"  
     "subjectIdentity":"[email protected]",  
     "processingActivityName":"Data Sales",  
     "created": "2020-08-029T20:46:24",  
     "lastUpdated": "2020-08-20T22:56:19"  

To call the consent API, use your API Key as the Authorization header.

curl --location --request GET '[BASE URL]/consent/stats/usage' \  
 --header 'Authorization: 0R6Z<API KEY ISSUED BY ETHYCA>LS/5ON'

The response object values correspond with each time the data subject entered a new consent value, where:

  • subjectIdentity: Is the identifier for the data subject. Today, this is the email address that the user has entered in your Privacy Center
  • processingActivityName: The name of the processing activity for which consent has been set. Processing Activity names are created and set from the Ethyca Control Panel by you.
  • consented: A boolean for the current status of the user related to this processing activity.

To fetch an individual subject's consent values, you can send a url-encoded parameter with your request like so:

curl --location --request GET '[BASE URL]/consent/stats/usage' \  
--data-urlencode '[email protected]' \  
--header 'Authorization: 0R6Z<API KEY ISSUED BY ETHYCA>LS/5ON'

Setting Consent For Your Users

Coming soon!

Technical Guide

Please visit each of the below support articles if your business manages pixels in any additional locations:


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding implementation.