February 2022 Product Newsletter


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Product Updates

SaaS Integration Response Handling

In the last month, we have been hard at work to ensure that the Ethyca Platform handles responses from third party applications as accurately as possible. Currently, when Ethyca reaches out to a third party app via API, it can return with an error for a variety of reasons. Often, these errors are expected as part of the processing of a subject request, for example, if a user’s data could not be found; however, given the complexity and size of our integration portfolio, we did not previously have sufficiently granular error-catching to decipher expected errors from fatal errors for some integrations. This last month, after a long audit of all the integrations we support and evaluating all the responses each of those integrations could provide, we have released a couple product updates:

  1. We are now confident that DSR is handled appropriately in the Control Panel. If the Ethyca Platform receives an error that indicates that we weren't able to appropriately process the privacy request, we will be putting the DSR into an "errored" state to highlight to your organization that an action is needed. If you see these errors in your Control Panel, you can reprocess these directly from the Errors tab by clicking on the errored request, and pressing the “Reprocess” button.
  2. In the case of a third party app responding with an error message that is expected but shouldn't necessarily error out the entire DSR (e.g. if a subject's data could not be found), we will record that response and display it in the UI for your review. You can see these responses on two pages in the Control Panel. The first place can be found on the Subject Requests --> Processing tab --> select the clipboard icon in the status column

Here you can see a row in the Automatic Integrations table that displays a "Completed with Error" status. You can expand the row to view the response we received from the third party application.


You can also view this information on the Subject Requests --> Complete --> select the View Details icon in the View column.


You can expand the "Completed with Error" row in the Automatic Integration table to view the response we received from the third party application.


If you have any difficulties processing these, are confused about any of the error states, or have any further questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]