February 2021 Product Newsletter

For a look back on all of our latest features updates and enhancements from the past month, read on below.

New Logo Alert


We are excited to announce that Ethyca's logo got a makeover! Our considerations for making this change centered around impact and scalability. Our trusty old logo had plenty of elegance, but grew hard to parse at small sizes. We've customized a new Ethyca typeface and redesigned our thumbprint icon to be much bolder, improving accessibility across all media. The result is a new logo that's easy to digest no matter if you're looking at a phone screen or a billboard in Times Square....one day!

See if you can spot the new logo across the Control Panel :)

Atlas Enhancements:

February marked another release of Atlas Version 1.5.5 builds on our current Atlas with new support for DynamoDB, enhancements for MongoDB, and log size customizations - all available in the same lightweight UI for managing your connections and personal data.

What's New in the Control Panel?

Enhanced multi-select functionality

If you've visited the Subject Request Admin panel recently, you'll noticed a revamped UI with a new workflow for processing multiple requests. Simply select the User ID check-box to approve all requests or check-off select rows to limit your selection to a handful of requests at once.


More information on how to bulk approve requests is available in our support article on How to Manage Your Data Subject Requests.

Manual Data Store Connections

Adding a "Manual" integration into Ethyca will allow you store any system in Ethyca even if we don't have an Automated DSR connection in place. By adding the connection into Ethyca, you are ensuring a comprehensive and compliant data inventory map.

To set up a Manual connection 1) Click the blue icon at the bottom of your Integrations page 2) Type any system into the Integration search bar 3) Click the link to Add it now 4) Add any relevant advanced settings for your Data Map

For a more detailed guide on how to set up Manual integrations in Ethyca click here.

New Integrations:

We have been hard at work on adding more integrations into our library. In the past month, we released OpenWeb, Attentive, StreetMetrics, Talkable, Retention Science, and Daasity.

New Documentation:

Identity Verification Through Ethyca Learn how Ethyca verifies your subject's identity

How To: Create a Manual Integration for your Data Map and Subject Request Processing Review how to add any data store into Ethyca

Record Keeping and Reporting Check out how Ethyca keeps an audit log of your data subject requests

Automate Approvals with Ethyca Learn how Ethyca automates the data subject approval process

Best Practices for Managing Privacy Requests with Ethyca CHOICE A guide on processing data privacy requests manually for CCPA

💡 Did You Know? 💡

You can link the Do Not Sell My Personal Information item in the footer of your brand directly to our Consent Management form rather than your Privacy Center homepage.

Just add /do-not-sell to the end of your Privacy Center URL to prompt your customers to manage their consent on reaching your Privacy Center.

Example: privacy.yourcompany.com/do-not-sell

Thank you for reading! Do you have a feature request that would drive impact for you business? Drop us a line here, we'd love to hear more!