December-January 2022 Product Newsletter


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Product Enhancements

Security Updates

Ethyca performed a series of updates on nodes and application images used by Atlas and Adaptors. These updates protect against discovered vulnerabilities and ensure the platform maintains the latest, secure versions of all necessary dependencies.

Product Updates

  • Ethyca Pro has added support for Global Privacy Control (GPC), a proposed specification that allows Internet users to control the use of their personal information by businesses. When a user enables GPC on their device, Ethyca Pro automatically updates the user's preferences in the Ethyca Global Consent object and the Ethyca consent banner to opt-out of data sales and data sharing. The privacy center also reflects this opt-out state for the user, unless an existing opt-in preference has been saved.

Updated Integrations -

  • Yotpo - Issued a fix for timeout errors when processing DSRs.
  • Shopify - DSR requests will no longer fail on permission errors.