Ethyca has an integration with ChurnZero that allows us to submit erasure requests, known in the GDPR as the Right to Forget (RTF) and in the CCPA as the RTD (Request to Delete), via an automated email.

This integration sends an automated email from your Ethyca Control Panel to our ChurnZero privacy contact in a weekly batch on Wednesday morning. Your ChurnZero privacy team will then handle the deletion of your customers’ individual subject data.

If you are looking to set up this integration through Ethyca, please follow the steps below:

Step 1) Send your ChurnZero Account Manager or Implementation Manager the following email, CCing your Ethyca Customer Success Manager, to notify them of the process:

Hi ,

We have partnered with Ethyca to automate our data privacy requests for downloading and erasing subject data. Since ChurnZero is our collaborative commerce network, we wanted to let you know that when you receive any subject erasure requests from us, they will come from Ethyca and read as follows:

Hi there,

This is an automated email from Ethyca an automated data privacy
compliance system working on behalf of <ORGANIZATION NAME>. We have
received requests from customers of <ORGANIZATION NAME> wanting to
exercise their data privacy right to be deleted.

Please delete all PII data for all data subject(s) with email
address(es) listed below. We appreciate your help and for any
questions pertaining to this request, please reply to this
email directly.

The Ethyca Team

*We appreciate your partnership as we continue to work together through these data compliance use cases.

Thank you,


Step 2) Add the Integration into the Control Panel and click Save. No connection settings required.