Integration Partnership with Ethyca

We want to help online businesses become compliant with data privacy laws. And if you are a business that develops software, we are sure you want to help your clients be compliant too! We would love to talk to you about becoming an integration partner with Ethyca so that we can help our shared customers.

What is Ethyca?

Ethyca is cloud software that lets organizations easily manage all their data privacy requirements. It lets your team centralize and execute data privacy requests across all of your 3rd party integrations and on-prem databases to ensure compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. For more information, check out this guide to getting started.

Benefits of Partnership

In the event of a customer exercising their Right to Know (Subject Access Request) or Right to Erase (Right to Forget), our clients need an automated way to fulfill these requests with all of the applications they use to run their business. By creating an integration with our services, you help your customers streamline these requests and ultimately help keep them compliant (and in business)! We will also feature your logo on our brand website and in our Integrations Library, so our customers will know that your business prioritizes data privacy compliance.

How to Integrate Your Software with Ethyca

If Ethyca doesn't already support an integration with your product and you would like to work together to provide a first-class integration for our joint customers, please email us at [email protected].