Automate Approvals with Ethyca

By default, your Control Panel is set to require manual approvals of each data subject request. Turning off manual approvals, means that Ethyca automates this process for you. Rather than your team approving each data subject request, instead the request will move through review process automatically once the subject's identity has been verified.

This article will walk through the following:

  • Setting up Automated Approvals
  • Processing Automated Approvals
  • Viewing Reporting
  • FAQs: Automated Approvals

Setting up Automated Approvals

In order to set up automated data subject request approvals, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Control Panel.

Step 2: Select Admin Settings - Organization.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the "Approvals Required" flag.

Step 4: Toggle on "No" if your organization would like to automate approvals and not approve each subject request manually.

Step 5: Click Save.


Processing Automated Approvals

Once you set Approvals Required to No, all incoming requests from your Privacy Center will be processed automatically from point-forward.

To break down the process further:

Step 1. A subject goes to your Privacy Center and enters a SAR "Download My Data" or Right to Forget "Delete Your Data."

Step 2. The subject passes the multi factor authentication process and validates their identity.

Step 3. The request automatically moves to "Processing" into the Control Panel bypassing the "For-Review" status.

Step 4. Once the job is done processing, the subject request will show up in the "Complete" tab.


Step 5. The subject will receive an email confirming the request has completed. For a full run down of emails sent from the Privacy Center, check out our Privacy Center Experience guide.

Viewing Reporting

When viewing your DSR reporting at the end of the month, the reviewer will be set to "Automatically Approved" vs. a member of your team.


FAQs: Automated Approvals

When turning on automated approvals, will I have to manually approve the requests currently in the "For Review" queue?

  • Yes, automating approvals will only be effective from point forward. Therefore, you will still have to approve all the requests in "For Review" manually for them to process.

Do automated requests take priority over requests that were manually approved in the "Processing" queue?

  • No, they would fall behind your already "Processing" requests and follow the same logic as requests already in your queue.

If a subject puts in multiple requests, will a SAR process before the Right to Forget?

  • No, Ethyca will process the request that was entered first and does not take the type of request into account.

Will the automated subject request go straight to "Processing" or will it wait until the queue is complete?

  • The subject request would go straight into the "Processing" queue even if there are already jobs in the queue.

Can you still approve requests manually if you have automated approvals turned on?

  • Yes! If you have any pending requests in "For Review", you can still approve these manually. However, any new requests coming in would be automatically approved and no further approval would be required.

What timestamp is set in the Control Panel for an automated approval?

  • The approval time in the Control Panel will show the the actual time the request began processing.

Who will be seen as the request approver?

  • The approver in the Control Panel shows as "Automatically Processed" by default.


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your account.