August-September 2022 Product Newsletter


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Product Enhancements

Security Updates

Ethyca performed a series of updates on the dependencies and nodes used by Atlas, DSR-S, and other Ethyca services. These updates protect against discovered vulnerabilities, and ensure the platform maintains the latest, secure versions of all necessary dependencies.

Modal Configuration Updates

  • Your Privacy Center's "General Settings" now includes an option to include your "Branded Organization Name". By default, this will reference your Organization Name. Modals in the Privacy Center, such as the "Download Your Data" window, will use this setting to display a plain-text version of your Organization Name to users.

Additional Error Information

  • A failed automatic integration will now display the name of the integration which has failed when viewed in the "Errors" tab of your Control Panel.

Updated Integrations

  • SurveyMonkey - Users should no longer see 403 errors when processing requests.